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English FA improving participation with 5 year plan

December 15th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

Back in March 2008, The FA announced it’s biggest ever programme of investment into grassroots football, totalling £200 million, setting out a strategy for the next five years. That vision was for everyone to have an opportunity to be involved in football and to be the best they could be, ensuring football is played, watched and [...]

Focus is the key for performance

December 15th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

In sport, if we’re not feeling confident we tend to start over-thinking. This draws our focus (Blanke 2007). A tennis player should arguably be 100% focussed on the ball. If she’s not watching the ball, the chances of playing a decent shot are pretty remote. If the player is thinking about making a mistake with [...]

More on Qatar

December 14th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

While it’s already been reported that Qatar threw around a lot of money to get the Cup, the depth of the shenanigans has not. As far as I know, it’s not illegal to bribe a FIFA official 10 million a vote, details here

Helping Coaches Avoid False Rape Claims.

December 10th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

Sometimes there is nothing an innocent guy can do to avoid a false rape claim. Sometimes he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time. But a significant number of false rape claims can be avoided by exercising caution and staying clear of situations where the likelihood of a false rape claim is enhanced. When it comes [...]

The Qatartastrophe more to follow

December 7th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

This looks like a recurring segment

What happened to Chelski?

December 4th, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

World beaters for the first months of the EPL season and now they aren’t. Rumors of a coaching change? the firing of long time assistant ray wilkins? who knows read more here

decisions moving forward…

December 3rd, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

It is a process to build soccer in the US. As each successive generation increases its interest in soccer their children will create a widening pool. Slow but sure progess. But when will American soccer folks stop believing in the Big Bang theory? That is, when will we stop subscribing to the notion that one [...]

an update on summer leavings from the EPL

December 3rd, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

Those offseason millions were a bit down this year except for ManCity and a couple other clubs aound Europe. How are the ones that transferred out doing? The debate about the signing of the season has become a feature of the footballing calendar. The combination of a consumer culture, generating excitement when pound signs flash, [...]

bitter much…

December 3rd, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

Perhaps voting to change the continental rotation system was a mistake. CONCACAF was in line to get the WC in 2018. link to an article more Basically countries with established and ‘real’ bids should try to get the world cup until fifa becomes accountable. Bascially fifa claims to want four things from a bid: 1. [...]

On a lighter note…some of the best soccer commercials produced

December 3rd, 2010Posted by BJ Pheasant

Here are some full-length soccer commercials from the past few years. These maintain your interest and, mostly, allow you to remember the products. Don’t forget the one in the comments! click here for the commercials

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