Kicking not just in Soccer

There are amazing athletes in many sports. Martial arts is one place that the use of legs is honed into a ‘dangerous’ artform.

The inspiration for the blog post was the cage jumping kick recently shown on MMA.

Anthony Pettis’ jump-off-the-cage kick sent the Mixed Martial Arts community into a meltdown. It was, in my opinion, one of the most thrilling, difficult and dramatic kicks I have ever seen.  As a long-time fan and 14 year veteran commentator of striking sports, I have consistently been treated to stunning kick knockouts all over the world.  In the following article, I examine some of the greatest non-MMA kick knockouts I have ever seen, looking not so much at the brutality of the kicks but at the technical excellence of their execution and level of difficulty in the heat of combat. Here’s a few of them…  Some amazing kicks are shown on this blog. Along with detailed explanations on technique and the importance attached to each moment.

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