Football Manager game review

Best Christmas Present, or birthday, that you can buy. Football Manager 2011 is the latest entry in the famously addictive series of “realistic” soccer simulation games.

People play this for days at a time, literally without blinking. The game-status screen includes an “addictedness rating,” which tells you things like, “Your soul belongs to me forever, and my dark claw is clenched around your heart” (I’m paraphrasing). Marriages have broken up over it. This is, again, a game in which you spend much of your time staring powerless while tiny imaginary players stage a somewhat convincing representation of a soccer match.

It is, in many ways, little more than a database program, and resembles nothing more than a cross between Microsoft’s Outlook and Excel. If you spot someone playing the game, you might thing they’re catching up on some menial admin, but, according to Jacobson, Football Manager is “the greatest spreadsheet in the world”.

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