Is the NWSL doing its Job?

May 16th, 2018Posted by BJ Pheasant

The NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League) is the latest iteration or professional women”s soccer in the USA. It has been 5 years and  they are still in business, which is good. There is some expansion and only one contraction. The contraction was of a poorly managed or mismanaged Boston Breakers team and understandable. On the [...]

Qatar to lose the WC 2022?

October 24th, 2017Posted by BJ Pheasant

There are rumors swirling that Qatar may lose the hosting of World Cup 2022. With bribery of the voting process now proven and slavery accusations (at the worst) and human rights violations (at the best) being pinned to FIFA WC construction the hubris seems to be catching up to Qatar. The latest accusations come from [...]

Lutheran All American Association presents All American Awards & Team Ethics & Sportsmanship Awards

June 30th, 2017Posted by BJ Pheasant

The Lutheran All American Association presents the following awards for the 2016-17 high school season. Nominations were due via e-mail by May 30, 2017. Information and nomination forms can be found on The Lutheran High School Girl’s Soccer All-American Award is a unified Lutheran Girl’s Soccer All-American program that brings together the student-athletes from all Lutheran denominations [...]

Building a Scouting Algorithm Part 1

March 22nd, 2017Posted by BJ Pheasant

I recently read a two part series on Building a Football Scouting Algorithm Part 1 & Part 2 by Richard Whittall. He showed his work as “The ultimate aim of this series is to provide a very simple model for smaller clubs with very limited resources to potential improve their success rate in the summer [...]

Coaching Legend Jeff Cummings Resigns at Head Women’s Soccer Coach at Thomas More

February 28th, 2017Posted by BJ Pheasant

(CRESTVIEW HILLS, Ky. – BJ Pheasant) – Jeff Cummings has resigned his position as head women’s soccer coach at Thomas More College to pursue opportunities outside of athletics it was announced by Director of Athletics Terry Connor.  Coach Cummings has had an enormous impact on the women’s and men’s soccer programs in his time with the [...]

Expanding World Cup Seems to be a Negative for those involved

January 11th, 2017Posted by BJ Pheasant

There are a number of articles for and against expansion. Logic seems to be on the side of those holding to a 32 team final tournament (everyone gets a chance to participate and qualify already). Below are some excerpts from a reasonded article that I agree with. As it stands every country has a chance [...]

Thomas More WSOC 2016 NSCAA Regional Coaching Staff of the Year

November 23rd, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

Thomas More is a NCAA Division III college located 10 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on an idyllic 100 acre campus in the rolling hills of Northern Kentucky. The Saints women’s soccer program has earned the 2016 NSCAA Regional Coaching Staff of the Year and is one of only three schools in the nation to make the Sectional [...]

Value of Assistant Coaches

November 20th, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

As someone who has been a full-time assistant coach there are not many articles written on being an assistant or about their value. Early in my career coaching club and high school there is typically a single head coach with some part time help. As head coach in those situations I try to find people [...]

Comparing Bruce Arena & Bill Belichick

November 7th, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

Two recent articles, based on peer interviews, about coaches with great resumes have popped up and are great reads for both veteran and aspiring coaches alike.. The first is on Bruce Arena and the second is on Bill Belichick The parallels between the two are numerous: out work the competition, use of statistics, ability to [...]

Saints Tame Tartans: An Ode to Grantland Rice

September 3rd, 2016Posted by BJ Pheasant

Saints Tame Tartans: An Ode to Grantland Rice 9/3/20164 – WOMEN’S SOCCER B.J. Pheasant, Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach Sept. 3, 2016 – Outlined against a bright blue September sky, the Four Horsemen rode again. In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction and Death. These are only aliases. Their real names are inscribed [...]

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